So you’ve decided to walk the Camino, Now what?

Step 1

Decide Which Camino Will you walk.

There are many Camino’s to choose from. The majority of first-time pilgrims walk the Camino Frances, although the Camino Portuguese is also very popular.

Step 2

Decide where you will start.

Once you have decided which Camino you will walk, the next step would be to decide where you will start.

Step 3

Decide How far you will walk each day

This planning tool is an excellent way to decide how far you will walk each day.

Step 4

Start considering Lodging choices.

Where will you sleep? You have many options to consider.

Step 5

You will need Gear to walk.

What backpack will you use, how about clothing, and footwear? These are important questions to ponder and decide on.

Step 6

Decide what forms of payment you will use on the Camino.

Cash is king on the Camino. That being said many places are starting to accept credit and debit cards. How will you get the best exchange rate with the least amount of fees?

Step 7

Time to start training.

While you could certainly walk the Camino without training. It will enhance your experience exponentially if you take the time to train.

Step 8

You’re ready let’s go. Buen Camino!

The Camino is such an amazing experience. It is normal to be a little nervous. You can do it. Remember in 2023 more than 450,000 pilgrims received their Compostela. You can too!