Camino Sanabres a variant of the Via de la plata

The Camino Sanabres is part of the alternate route of the Via de la Plata. Just after Zamora, the pilgrim will need to choose directions. If you continue straight the Vldp joins the Camino Frances at Astorga. However, if you choose to take the route to the left you will then begin the Camino Sanabrese. There are 13 stages on the Camino Sanabres which at times can be challenging. As an alternative to walking the last 100km from Sarria, many are now electing to walk from Ourense to Santiago de Compostela. The actual distance is 110.2km.


Day 1 Ourense to Cea (22.1km)
Day 2 Cea to A Laxe (37.3km)
Day 3 A Laxe to Outeiro (34.1km)
Day 4 Outeiro to Santiago de Compostela (16.7km)

As you can see there are some long days. This Camino is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a very beautiful walk through the Galician countryside. Ourense is a beautiful city, built along the banks of the Miño River. It is famous for its hot springs. Bathing in them is said to be rejuvenating. Certainly worthy of a visit. Cea is famous for its bread and how it is made. Each loaf has a serial number and the techniques are protected under Spanish law.

It is recommended that you make reservations for your stay in Santiago de Compostela as it can be very crowded depending on the time of year that you arrive. is an excellent resource for making reservations anywhere along the Camino.