How to get from Sacramento to SFO other than by car? Bus, Train, BART

You can still travel from San Francisco, or Oakland airports without taking your car to the airport. Many pilgrims want to fly from Oakland or San Francisco but don’t want to have to ask someone to drive them or even to leave their car at the airport. Here are some options.

The train goes from Sacramento to San Francisco (Capital Corridor Amtrak)

2. BART goes from the Richmond Transit stop of the Capital Corridor train to SFO

3. You could use Uber or Lyft from your house to the train station in downtown Sacramento.

This also works in reverse. BART goes from SFO to a transfer station in Oakland where you can get another BART train to Richmond and then catch the Capital Corridor Amtrak train back to Sacramento. This will save someone having to give you a ride to SFO and/or the cost of parking your car at the airport.

The cost of the train is around $27.00 each way and the cost of BART is $10.00 each way. You can buy a discounted BART ticket in the dining car on the train for $8.00 each way. So worst case it looks like about $37.00 each way which is pricy but not when compared to the cost of parking or someone’s time there and back twice.

Lastly, the schedule of the trains is very regular, at least in the daytime.

Then there is the MEGA Bus that goes from the University Ave and 65th Street light rail station to the Cal Train station in San Francisco.  You can then take the Cal Train to SFO.  It is the least expensive route available.