As you begin the planning process for the Camino, one of the choices you will need to make is where to fly into and from that point how will you get to the place where you will begin your Camino. There are many options depending on which Camino you choose and where you will begin. Normally, the first choice is what departure airport works best for you and then where in Spain, France, or Portugal will you fly into. Many factors might influence your decision. For instance convenience, cost, availability of transport options to your departure airport and from your arrival airport.

From Madrid

To Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Bus – There is a bus station in Terminal 4 at the Madrid airport. You could take the bus to just about any point on the Camino where you wanted to start. From Madrid to SJPP for example you would take the bus to Pamplona and then transfer to the bus that goes to SJPP.

Train – There are two train stations in Madrid so you need to make sure which station you need. From Madrid to SJPP you would take the train from Atocha station to Pamplona and then transfer to the bus station where you would take a bus to SJPP.

Fly – You could also fly to Pamplona and then transfer to the bus station to take the SJPP bus.

The last option in Pamplona if you do not want to take the bus is to take a taxi.

To Sarria

The best way to get to Sarria from Madrid is to take the Train. You could also fly to Santiago de Compostela and take the bus.

From Barcelona

To Pamplona

What is the best way to get to St Jean Pied Du Port from Barcelona airport?


If you want to travel by train, the best route is to take the RENFE train from terminal 2 to Sants Estació (Barcelona Sants train station)

The RENFE train travels from Barcelona Airport to Santa. It takes about 20 minutes from the airport to Santa Estació.

If you are arriving at Terminal 1 of Barcelona airport you will need to catch the free shuttle bus from the terminal to the train station.

The train departs terminal 2 approximately every 1/2 hour starting at 6:08 am.

From the train station, you can take a train to Pamplona. There are 3 to 5 departures daily.


ViBaSa( Monbus) is a bus company that goes from Barcelona to Pamplona. The bus departs from the Sants Estació (Barcelona Sants train station) and travels to Pamplona. There are 2 to 4 departures daily.

ALSA operates a bus to Zaragoza with a transfer to a bus to Pamplona from Barcelona Estació Nord. You must purchase the tickets separately as they are considered two journeys.

From Pamplona:

There is a bus that travels from Pamplona to SJPP. From March to the end of October there are usually 2 buses per day. In the winter the bus only goes to Roncesvalles.

From Paris

To Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Train – From Paris, there is a train to Bayonne where you can connect to the train to SJPP.

Fly – You can fly from Paris to Biarritz which is much quicker and many times less expensive and then transfer to the train station in Bayonne, which is very close to travel to SJPP.

Another option is to hire a car service from Biarritz airport to SJPP. Express Bourricot is an excellent option. You can go on their site and make a reservation. They will then try to fill the van and split the cost amongst all of the passengers.

From Lisbon

To Porto

Train – The best option from Lisbon to Porto is to take the train. It is very efficient.

For Winter walkers

From Pamplona to SJPP

For Winter Walkers or those who arrive in Pamplona too late to catch the bus.

From Pamplona, you can take the bus to San Sebastian/Donostia. From San Sebastian/Donostia you can take one of two bus companies ALSA or PESA to Bayonne. The SCNF train runs 4 times per day from Bayonne to SJPP.